Montag, 5. Dezember 2011


So jetzt bin ich schon fast eine Woche wieder in Florida. Ich erzaehle einfach mal von meiner Reise nach Pennsylvania. Es war einfach super. Es ist so anders als in Florida. Die Strassen, die Laeden, das Wetter. Die Familie war total nett und meinten ich koennte jeder Zeit wiederkommen :) Ich sollte fuer meiner Deutschklasse ein Tagebuch schreiben und das kann ich eigentlich auch mal hier hin posten, weil da steht alles wichtige drin :)
Es war einfach super!

Saturday night:  We started our trip; we drove through Florida and Georgia.

Sunday:   We drove through South Carolina, North Carolina and we had a hotel room in Virginia for 1 night.  We went to The Golden Corral, an American buffet, and it was very good food. The dessert was the best because it was a chocolate fountain.

Monday:  Finally, we went to Pennsylvania.  The city was called Quincy.  It was a very old town; it looked really American to me.  We visited my host mother’s grandmother; she is a really nice woman.  We ate a lot and we played Scategories in the evening, which was a lot of fun, even though I lost.

Tuesday:  After our breakfast and morning shower, we went to a small store and bought our pies and cakes for Thanksgiving.  Then we made the Thanksgiving food the whole afternoon.  We cooked a green bean casserole, a sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes.

Wednesday:  We drove to Lancaster, Pa, where we met my host mother’s brother and his wife and their 11 weeks old daughter.  We went to an all you can eat pizza place and they had chocolate chip pizza!
Thursday:  The day has come! Thanksgiving! The whole family was there (20 people) and it was fun.  They were all very nice and made me feel welcomed as a new member of the family.  We ate the Thanksgiving dinner and we had two big turkeys.  We took family pictures and after that we ate the dessert.   It was a really nice day and I’m glad I could celebrate it with them.

Friday:  BLACK FRIDAY!  Of course, I went to the mall for shopping. J
After our morning of shopping, we drove back to Quincy to the grandmother’s house.  We ate Thanksgiving leftovers.
Saturday:  Good bye Pennsylvania, it was a fun week!                         

Sunday:  We spent a night in a hotel in Georgia to sleep.  I had my first IHOP Pancakes.

Monday:  Back to Florida.

Und hier ein Bild von unserem Turkey


  1. chocolate chip pizza? hast du das probiert? :D

  2. würde ich auch sehr gerne wissen ;D

  3. und wie schmeckt das? :D