Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

English essay: Change in your life

 Almost everybody had a change in their life. When you were in a situation, you never were before. When your old life stopped, and your new life began.  
I had a big change in my life. The change was to go to another country, many thousands of miles away from my home. So far away from my family and friends and from my usual surroundings. I had this dream since I was in 7th grade. I told my parents about my plans but they did not agree with this exceptional idea. I tried almost 6 months to persuade them. I brought them magazines and showed them web pages. I told them about students in my school that went to Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota for their exchange and were so proud and happy after because it was the best time in their life. One day I convinced my mother to go to an information evening with me in my school. After this evening it was clear: I will spend one school year in the United States of America.
The time started when I had to fill out applications, went to the doctor for shots, met so many new friends that are exchange students, too, and of course, waited. I waited for that day when I would finally fly in my new life. And I waited for my Host family. I went to Frankfurt to claim for my Visa. I bought my suitcase. I went to school. I spent the last months with my family and friends. And we planned my farewell party. My farewell party was on June, 22. I invited all my friends, family and neighbors. It was a fun night that didn't end before 3 am. Normally, I checked my email mailbox for a email with information about my Host family every evening. It said every time the same: "No new emails." I checked it every day, except the evening of my farewell party. So I woke up the next day and spent some time at my laptop. I checked my emails and there was "1 new email". I thought it was some advertising but then I clicked on it and it said: "Your host family". I ran through the house and screamed. I weas just so happy. I got this email on the evening when my farewell party was. The one and only evening I didn't check my emails.
Three weeks after I got the information about my host family, I had to say "good bye" to everyone. The morning before the flight, August 16th, I couldn't eat breakfast because I had the feeling it would all come out two seconds later. I was so excited because I knew that I would be in the USA in a few hours. So we finally went to the airport, with my family and some of my friends. I knew that these minutes would be the last minutes in Germany for a long time. I was so happy and sad on the same time. If I would have had two faces, one would have been sad and the other one would have been happy. After some tears from my side, and from the side of my family and friends I stepped in my new life. The first step in my new life was when I went through the Check In gate and when I could not see my family anymore. That moment was very peerless. I knew, my new life will start now.
I don't regret any of these days here in the United States. I met so many nice people and I found a second family. The USA will always be my second home and I will come back to visit. I am happy that I was so courageous and I decided to do this. And I will go back to Germany soon and tell everybody about my story. Maybe I can tell some students in my school about my experiences and maybe they need me to convince their parents. Just like it was 3 years ago with my family. The change in my life was the best that could have happened to me.


  1. hey, ich wurde getaggt und geb das mal an dich weiter:

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